Hi, I'm Nikki

Bachelor qualified Clinical Nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner

Our ‘SuperNature’ is within the beating heart of each of us. It is our capacity to adapt and connect to one another and our natural selves. My desire to assist people into their own SuperNature has lead me to using food as medicine.

I mean, we all all eat right?

I have seen and continue to see many people thriving through making conscious dietary and lifestyle habits that are sustaining and empowering.

"SuperNature is nature with all its flavours intact,
waiting to be tasted."
Lyall Watson


& Philosophy

I have lived close to nature for many years. In my twenties, I was called to move out of the city in the search for a place to grow food and raise my 3 wonderful children. I learnt many things along the way, studying permaculture and working in food relocalisation.

SuperNature to me, represents life in balance. 

My own health crisis in my early twenties had me seeking help from a nutritionist and herbalist, who showed me a life full of balance and abundant energy that I hadn’t realised was possible. I was hooked! Since then, I have felt amazing, maintaining the basics I learnt back then. 

I am an avid cook and have catered for wellness retreats for more than 10 years. Good food is my passion! 

I have a deep curiosity to understand how the body works. For me, that is what medicine is about. 

I practice using a holistic medicine approach combined with rigorous evidence based research and functional medicine testing, to delve deeply into my client’s health issues. I believe that the synergy of functional medicine and food is a sustainable way to manage health. 

I want you to know, as I have discovered for myself, that healing is possible. It takes clarity and strength (and a hand to hold) as you navigate your way back to balance. I am there to hold your hand until you can steer the ship by yourself.