Your personalised nutrition counseling service

Empowering consultations to bring the changes you want at the pace you choose. 

I love working with people to help them access their best selves and reach the health goals they desire. 

Let’s do this! 

Initial Consultation

What to expect:

In an initial consultation, I go over in detail, your history as the basis for understanding you in the fullest sense. This allows me to treat you as an individual and give you the best ‘road map’ to your individual needs.

We explore your habits around sleep, stress, exercise and the foods you enjoy (or crave!). 
You will receive an emailed report after this with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations and a treatment plan and timeline. I am committed to giving my clients options to make any changes at a pace they are comfortable with, after all, this is your story! 
You can either meet me in person in Castlemaine, Yarraville or online from the comfort of your home.

Initial session $185

Follow-Up Consultation

What to expect:

  • Analyses of any recent pathology test results
  • Monitoring progress and adjust and refine treatment as required.
  • Follow up consultations are shorter in duration but often uncover important aspects to your health picture.
  • We are all a work in progress, it requires time and commitment. This is most definitely a collaborative process. Often we will celebrate the changes made and the impacts these have on your life!

$115 for 45 min
$130 for 60 min

Genomic Wellness Package

The Genomic Wellness package is designed for enhancing optimal health.
By understanding how specific nutrients can affect gene expression, nutrigenomics aims to personalise nutrition recommendations based on an individual’s genetic makeup. This personalised approach to nutrition holds the promise of optimising health outcomes and preventing or managing diseases more effectively.

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Advanced metabolic DNA testing
  • Organic Acid Testing
  • Follow up consultation and treatment plan

Original price $1156
Package Price $1100

Gut Health rescue Package

If you are lost with what to do to reduce bloating, improve your mood and increase your energy levels, this is the package for you!
This package offers you a tailored program specifically for your needs. We will set targets and timelines for you to achieve the best results.


  • 1 x Initial consult and treatment plan
  • 5x 1hr return visits 

$750 - save $85


It’s ok if there are slip ups, I support you to make lasting changes with options to have recipes and meal plans in order to make transitioning easy.

With simple recipe suggestions and prompts for meal planning services, it’s easy to start with great  support. 

My passion is the gut! Finding viable ways to support gut healing is my jam! I have extensive knowledge about many ways to heal the gut and don’t subscribe to consistent ‘dieting’. Getting you on track to a flexible diet is always my goal. 

Everyone is unique. It depends on your stage of life and what you’re willing to do. Each plan is tailored to your own realistic timeline. Goals are set in accordance with your needs. 

So in short, this is your adventure!

Every person is unique. It may not be applicable to you to remove those foods from your diet. Whilst some people are prone to reactions with these foods, I assess this individually and explore options with you. 

This depends on your own goals. For some people, when they achieve nutritional balance, their weight adjusts to their natural weight, so they often lose some weight. This is also very individual. 

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