The Transformation 6 week package


This program is crafted to eliminate any accumulation of unwanted toxins and debris that can burden us and affect our entire body!

The intention behind this program is to provide your body with the appropriate nourishment tailored to your individual needs. It’s the kind of program that is both manageable and capable of making a tangible impact on your overall health and well-being. Ready to embark on this journey?



The program includes:

     ⊷ Initial Nutrition & Coaching session incl. full blood analysis, goal setting & accountability agreement

     ⊷ Private Telegram group – share your progress and help motivate others!

     ⊷ Fortnightly group educational webinars

     ⊷ Weekly 1:1 meeting (30min)

     ⊷ Ebook for Diet & Menu planning (incl recipe booklet & shopping list)

     ⊷ Gentle digestive cleanse, parasite clearance and optional liver purge

     ⊷ Gut healing protocol

     ⊷ Fitness recommendations

     ⊷ Small groups of 8 – 10 people


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