You are Nature.

Abundant health is possible.

There is nothing more important than your health.

Is your health holding you back in any way? Have you tried many diets and you're not getting anywhere?

Do you feel you could get more out of your life? 

Are your energy levels, stress levels or muscular aches and pains affecting you?

GUESS WHAT? It is entirely possible to rid yourself of these things and achieve full health again!

What my clients are saying

Hello! I’m Nikki

I'm a Bachelor qualified Clinical Nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. I help people with chronic health issues get well again!

If you are after answers and haven't been finding the right results, then you may just have landed in the right place.

My services

Here are the ways I can help you improve your health,
meet your health goals and gain that fulfilling, vibrant life you are looking for.

Nutritional medicine Consultations

Discover your own unlimited health potential by exploring how to balance your individual nutritional needs and prevent or resolve any current health complaints.
Evidence based research and functional medicine backs up my treatment to offer you the most up to date and relevant options to get results faster.


Iridology explores your constitution and is used as a tool for preventative wellness and balance. Book a consultation to explore your body and work with me to enhance your future health.

Wellness packages

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and burnout


Neurodevelopmental disorders
(ADHD, Autism)

Mental health
depression, anxiety

and menopause support


& Philosophy

I practice using a holistic medicine approach combined with rigorous evidence based research and functional medicine testing, to delve deeply into my client’s health issues. I know that the synergy of functional medicine and food is a sustainable way to manage health. 

I want you to know, as I have discovered for myself, that healing is possible. It takes clarity and strength (and a hand to hold) as you navigate your way back to balance. I am there to hold your hand until you can steer the ship by yourself. 

& Health Blog

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Grateful - for my moon cycle and the ebb and flow of my monthly seasons

Grateful - for the soft and squishy parts

Grateful - for the children my body held and nourished as they seeded into life. They are my greatest teachers

Grateful - for the next season I traverse from maven to crone with all the vulnerability it offers up

Grateful - for the intuition and deep empathy that womanhood offers me

Grateful - for the women who share their lives, love, power and grief. They offer their soulful spirits to the world

Grateful - for my fierceness because I am a woman at this time

Grateful - for the men who witness and support us as we navigate a new age of relationship

Grateful - to witness the heart and souls of all women. They reflect true nature in all forms, with smiles and scars, pain and wisdom

Happy international women’s day.

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Some of you may be aware that I am a huge advocate for meditation as one method to help with healing.
Our nervous systems play a huge role in our health and the ability to resolve health issues.

As a special offering to SuperNature clients and followers, @kathleenobrien_ from @mahasoma meditation collective is offering a discount to learn the Vedic Meditation method.

Vedic meditation is an easy and effortless technique that anyone can learn. Vedic meditation technique comes from the 5000+ year old body of wisdom known as the Veda - knowledge of the laws of nature and human consciousness from which yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are derived. Vedic meditation gives you a deep state of rest, dissolving built up stress and fatigue, while rejuvenating your whole mind body.

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Here I am, as you would expect to see me always with grass in my hair! 😂

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I’m often asked: “what kind of diet is the best diet?”.

I hear myself saying:
“A real foods diet. The detail is nuanced for your age, stage of life and circumstances”.

This is a picture sent to me from a gorgeous client. This was her breakfast. Perfect for her stage of life and symptoms.

We can get caught up in so many theories about the most ethical and the most nutritious diets.
Ethics is definitely an issue but there are so many conflicting ideas when it comes to ethics.

So I simply come back to “FOOD - eat REAL food. Preferably organic where possible. Unpackaged with no additives, in as many different forms as your ethics will allow. It’s all our bodies need.”

Oh, and we eat way too many refined foods such as sugar and white flour.

#nutrition #realfood #supernature #foodasmedicine #functionalmedicine #yarraville #castlemaine #wholefood

Hello Stradbroke island!! 😍😍 ...

It was my birthday yesterday and decided to reverse the commonly accepted idea of receiving or deserving something in acknowledgment of this day.

I gifted, I cooked, I served, I thanked and acknowledged. I asked for nothing.

My heart has never been so full.❤️

So now I offer a huge thank you to YOU. For watching, commenting and coming to see me with your health questions. I celebrate each conversation with my clients. It’s such a joy and privilege to sit with you, to map out and help you understand your own body. To assist you to develop your map to the mysteries locked deep in your biochemistry.

I’m really grateful for the trust, appreciation and openness in my clinic space.

I will be going offline for a week or so to be with my family and recharge - just occasionally checking my emails for clients in need of prescriptions.

I wish you all a calm and grounded ending to the year and a bright welcome to 2023. The last few years have been tough.
Let’s hold each other in the gentlest way. And move on.

I’m so excited about some of my new offerings in 2023.
I’ll tell you about it soon.

With love,

Nikki xx

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Home ♥️
This is just outside my front door.
It rained so hard last night the water was SO LOUD… I slept to this sound
#nature #home

Taking advantage of some Vitamin D whilst finishing off some treatment plans. I love my job ❣️

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